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The desktop scanner is even more robust than a remote mobile ID authentication. It includes infrared and ultraviolet ID scans. The physical ID is inserted into the scanner, and it performs three simultaneous scans of the ID: color, infrared, and ultraviolet. It also reads the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and digital chip. After the first side is complete, the second side of the ID is inserted and processed. A selfie of the subject person is then taken and used in the final results screen to compare to the ID picture and digital chip picture.

Yes. FACES2 ID mobile and desktop apps authentication can work from virtually anywhere in the world.

We support almost every type of government issue identification in the world. We also can scan non-ID cards, like credit cards.

We capture both sides of each piece of identification scanned.

The individual performing the ID authentication can be in any location with an internet connection.

For a complete list check out our compliance.

The digital chip contained on most passports contains key information that mirrors the printed passport, including name, birthdate, photo, and expiry. It is extremely difficult to alter the digital chip. We validate the information on that chip against the printed passport.

We never communicate with your end client. Even the email explaining how to authenticate the ID is sent from your own email. We provide an optional template for you to copy and paste into your email.

FACES2 does not store or save any user information.

FACES2 ID Authentication sends a Digitally Signed, password protected Certificate of Authenticity (COA) PDF that is emailed to the user.

A Digitally Signed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) PDF is created after an ID is authenticated. The PDF is sent via email and is password protected and encrypted.

The Digitally Signed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) PDF contains two passwords to open it. One is yours and is static across all COAs. The other is unique and randomly generated for the specific client. The client specific password can be shared with other vendors as appropriate.

We invoice our Pay as You Go clients at the end of each month based on the number of new tokens that have been used. Fixed monthly clients pay in advance via pre-purchase tokens in “Blocks” at discounted rates.

Just go to our sign-up page and complete the form.

You can email or select the “? Help” button at the bottom right corner of the application and complete the form.

FACES2 looks at a selfie to convert your face to a mathematical representation of facial features called a facial template. It does the same thing to your ID picture and then compares the two. These templates are derived from various facial landmarks and characteristics extracted from the images.

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