Discover a groundbreaking approach to business identification verification, now simplified on a global scale. Our innovative technology empowers users to scan government-issued IDs from more than 213 countries and regions, and then cross-reference these with our comprehensive international database of identification documents. Explore the capabilities of FACES2 ID Authentication and reach out to our team of sales experts for more information today.

  • Mobile Application

    iOS® and Android® applications authenticate the ID for remote clients. Performs facial matching, colour scanning, and digital chip validation. Scanned images are compared against a database for known markings.

  • In-Person Desktop Scanner

    All the items of our mobile scanner plus ultraviolet and infrared scanning. Scanned images are compared against a database for known markings.

  • Facial Matching

    Our sophisticated facial matching image processing algorithm yields reduced false positive rates, resulting in a notably enhanced accuracy of matches. It compares the live face to the ID's image and the digital chip photo.

  • Liveness Detection

    Face liveness detection is used to determine if the face being scanned is real and physically present at the time of scanning. It is crucial to prevent fraud and distinguish between a live person and a fake representation, such as a photo or video.

  • Worldwide Government Database

    Includes over 1800 identifications from 213 countries and regions with 74 Canadian and 643 USA.

  • 256-Bit Encryption

    Exceptionally high levels of security, creating a virtually impenetrable code due to its vast combination of possible keys, making it exponentially more difficult for unauthorized parties to decrypt sensitive information.

  • Certificate of Authenticity

    Assures clients that the data is authentic and not falsified or duplicated. This certificate encompasses comprehensive results of the authentication process along with the specific date/time the data was verified.

  • e-Passport Reader

    Reads the ID’s digital chip information and matches to the scanned image. Also works on non-chip ID's.

  • Scans Both Sides of All ID’s

    Captures both sides of all IDs, including passports and ID cards.

  • Store Results on Your Personal Cloud Platform

    Storing your results file to your personal cloud platform provides a secure and convenient solution for preserving your authentication data. FACES2 automates this process by creating a secure, password-protected zip file containing all of the authentication information and the certificate of authenticity.

  • Multiple Connectivity Options

    Connects to the internet with cellular, ethernet, or Wi-Fi.

  • Data Security

    FACES2 does not store or save any user information.

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